Pain is high today. It started up last night with the twitching in my arms and stiffness setting in. Today I have lunch plans with my dear friend Kurt, but it’s near the Willy St Co-op and I’m going to see if they have geranium oil. I’ve been reading that it could help with nerve pain. You can order it online but I want to smell it first. I don’t want to trade pain out for nausea because it’s so pungent! The weather and pressure changes seem to cause my pain to swing. Do you notice that? Or is it always over use? Bad posture? A combo? Stress is always a key player as well. My search for relief plugs on! I won’t quit til I’ve tried everything really. ver

Learning process

I’ve learned that although I felt computer literate up to this point- I have a lot left to learn. Fear not! By the end of this day I will have it figured out. I have also learned that being stubborn fixes nothing when you can just ask for help. It was a wonderful weekend with family- but time to get this figured out!


I almost missed looking the most beautiful Iris, huge and purple and wonderful because I was looking at my feet. Yep. My feet. I was out walking The Pig, my ridiculously adorable Westie, and I was completely unaware of my surroundings and myself. My mind was stuck on my lists, all my things I need to do. So I took a deep breath, drew my shoulders down and back, brought myself to my full height and continued on my walk. Then at the beginning of each song that came on as I walked, I did the same thing. I realigned myself, brought myself back to center and assessed my body. I recommend you do the same- no matter what your preferred form of cardio is, take a moment at least part way through and re-align your posture. And take a moment to notice the flowers too.peeg

Working on workouts & categories today

It’s been so amazing to get all the feedback via email, facebook and calls from my mom. Even she is getting into it. I feel very blessed to have so many people willing to help me make this site great! It’s going to take awhile for me to get all these videos posted so I appreciate your patience with me. Share this site with your friends and make sure they know whats coming and can make their own requests. So far I have requests for:

Beginner Stretch

Beginner Core

Restorative Series


Beginner PiYo


Beginner Transform


Advanced Core

Modified Core w/ Pilates Ball

Let me know if I’m missing anything!! Each Category will house many videos with a different focus and description so you know what you’re getting into.

Be well!

$(KGrHqEOKisE0oFnFdNcBNZSRFfv5w~~_35Which reminds me, I need to eat! I’ve been so excited about all this that I’ve been forgetting- and you know that isn’t like me!