New & different

In the world of exercise, most of us pick one form & stick with it. It becomes easy so we continue & then wonder why we don’t see results. The human body is an amazing machine. It can adapt to the most incredible circumstances, allowing us to survive unbelievable times. It also allows us to stop seeing results. We need to continue to evolve & be creative. 20 push-ups may leave you sore for a week initially but eventually, with practice, will feel like a cake walk. I have had the blessing in my life of being able to teach so many different formats that I am able to cross train, I love to swim and run and bike so my cardio changes with my mood. Yoga is always my go to favorite. I am naturally flexible & I love how much it challenges me & slows my regularly anxious mind. This past weekend I learned a different form of the barre method called Pure Barre. After 4 days of intense training and countless classes, I already see results. I’m very excited to teach this amazing method. It incorporates barre & Pilates in tiny movements, bringing your muscles to shake and fatigue like you wouldn’t believe possible. No matter what your chosen form of exercise is, this method will challenge you. It works you muscles to lift, tone and burn. It is the perfect compliment to any existing workout routine. And if you haven’t found a form of exercise you love yet, I highly recommend finding a studio in your area. It will be fast, you will be lost at first, and every class you go to will bring you more results, purely because your control will intensify & your understanding of the work will come together. It is low impact, and especially helpful for post-pregnancy bodies. It reminded me how far I have to go. It helped me realize how much I cheat myself my skipping things that are hard or when I let myself quit. Challenge yourself to try something new this week. Find muscles you didn’t know were there. It’s good for your muscles, joints, and your brain. They all need the challenge. Be open to change, be ready to hate whatever you choose while you’re doing it. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll love how you feel when you’re finished.

Be well!

Yoga for the kiddos

Need some rainy day fun? You don’t need a yoga mat or video- just take this list of poses and how to make them fun. Great for all ages- to connect with your child, to help them learn & be aware. If you are unsure of any poses because you are new to yoga, I recommend, it has each pose described & a picture.

Each pose is listed first, and followed by how to make it fun:

Tree- balance & sway your branches in the breeze

Down dog- bark like a dog

Up dog- howl at the moon

Child’s pose- go to sleep! Pretend to snore

Cat- draw spine up & meow!

Cow- drop belly/utters & moo!!

Tiger- reach out opposite arm & leg as you roar reaching for your prey

Pigeon- coo like a pigeon, see if your kiddo can roll their tongue

Butterfly- where will you fly to? Butterflies can fly a million miles!

Boat- hold & balance, imagine the waves

Seated forward fold- pretend you are an alligator chomping down as you touch your fingers to your toes

Turtle- roll into a ball on your back & imagine being stuck on your shell

Savasana- lay back, let palms face the ceiling, widen the mouth into a big yawn, quietly breathe and see if your kiddos have any stories to tell you 🙂

Childhood Joy

Lately I’ve been put in a lot of scenarios where I am blown away at the difference between a child’s joy and a parent’s indifference. One example, being at the pool yesterday. Listening to the kids play as the parents sit on the side. Who says you have to stop playing at a certain age? I overheard one mom say  she couldn’t get in the pool because she was pregnant, another thought the water was too cold, no matter how many time their kids asked them to play…. I know we have duties as adults, our health and safety along with the safety of the children we are with but my goodness. I of course cannon balled in a few times and swam my laps. I ended up chatting with a very precocious 5 yr old who really enjoyed the company of someone who would listen as he babbled and paddled. It just struck me- we end up getting so caught up in being adults that we don’t play like we used to.

My second example was being at a Lacrosse Tournament this weekend. It made me yearn for the days of playing soccer all weekend long. The smell of the field after it rained. The gatorade and sliced oranges. I can close my eyes and be transported right back to the days of stinky shin guards and horrible tan lines. Why am I missing it? Because I haven’t taken the time to find a soccer league for adults here in Madison yet. I need to. I miss it, and I shouldn’t have to- all that joy soccer used to bring to my life, the thrill of the goal, the training, the love of the game- they’re all still there.  So my goal is to find a league I can get into. What joy have you lost since being a kid? What did you love that you’ve given up because you aren’t a kid anymore? Can’t play your sport? Volunteer for a team. Make time. Coach. Be part of it. Get your joy back.


Happiness is part of wellness. Go out and find it!!!

Strange beauty

Most people have beauty tricks. Some little quirk they love and believe in. Ive recently realized mine all revolve around healthy oils. Growing up, we always had apricot kernel oil in the house, my mom swore by it. To this day I love adding some to my moisturizer to make my skin glow. As I got older and started wearing waterproof mascara, I realized conventional methods of taking it off didn’t work. So my shower always holds a bottle of grape seed oil or olive oil- adds moisture and takes off even the best waterproof make up. I also found my sensitive legs only get a good shave if I used a sugar scrub instead of a shaving cream or soap. You can easily make your own, or I like to get mine down on state street. I also added an evening primrose supplement every other day to help keep my skin clear. My sister uses coconut oil on her tattoos instead of the recommended aquafor. Today I ordered avocado oil which I will mix with cinnamon & mustard seed as a scalp treatment.
What are your tricks? Do you use supplement to keep your skin healthy from the inside out??

No fun allowed

So a few weeks back I had a really awful pain flare up. Since my usual tricks of ice, rest, and lots of biofreeze/icyhot/tiger balm weren’t working, I went for acupuncture. I love acupuncture. It feels like it releases energy out of my body that is otherwise trapped and causing pain. This was my first visit to a new acupuncturist, and she recommended some new supplements and to cut out all caffeine, refined sugar and alcohol. That was easy for me to remember because in my mind that equals no fun. I do pretty well with avoiding these things, especially when my pain is high. Occasionally though, I want to be normal. I want a cup of coffee without fear that it won’t cause my nerves to react so strongly I can’t turn my head from the pain. I want to have a beer in hopes for a normal sized hangover. I don’t care much for sugar so that isn’t a terrible, I can get over that. But I love coffee. I adore a glass of whiskey out on the patio with Jon.


It’s strange though, I used to use caffeine to help ward off the headaches. One of my medications even has it in it. Now that I’ve been off it for a few weeks, I feel so sensitive to it that I can’t decide if I should go back. How long should I have no fun?? My neck and shoulder are better but my head is worse. If anyone has advice, I would love to hear it.

Sail away

Sometimes when I try to fall asleep I imagine being drifted away on a boat. I’m lying there in the sun, I can hear the waves, feel them rocking the boat gently. There is no pain. I keep repeating, there is no pain. My mom taught me this, and imagining the sun on my face, like it will draw the pain out, keep the sharp stings from coming on, protect me somehow. I’m thankful for it. Sometimes all my brain & body needs is rest but it won’t let go. This meditation soothes me, takes me away.

I’ve only been taking the added magnesium for a few days. I’m not the best with patience. Ok, I’m the worst actually. But for nerves to heal and pain to lessen takes time. More time than I want to be robbed of, so I quietly try not to be frustrated with my body.

Instead I cling to what it can do. I remind myself of my strengths & talents- after all, perfection would be boring really. Then what would I strive for? To maintain? Never! Always a new goal, always more ways to heal & help. Just not always at the pace I want. So I’m working on enjoying the little things more. Playing with my little piglet, who although is four, still looks like a perpetual puppy to me. Taking care of my flowers. Cooking! Maybe this pain is a reminder sometimes to slow down. I have so much to do that I end up like the white rabbit, when really I need to reign it in and get back to the beach.