Childhood Joy

Lately I’ve been put in a lot of scenarios where I am blown away at the difference between a child’s joy and a parent’s indifference. One example, being at the pool yesterday. Listening to the kids play as the parents sit on the side. Who says you have to stop playing at a certain age? I overheard one mom say  she couldn’t get in the pool because she was pregnant, another thought the water was too cold, no matter how many time their kids asked them to play…. I know we have duties as adults, our health and safety along with the safety of the children we are with but my goodness. I of course cannon balled in a few times and swam my laps. I ended up chatting with a very precocious 5 yr old who really enjoyed the company of someone who would listen as he babbled and paddled. It just struck me- we end up getting so caught up in being adults that we don’t play like we used to.

My second example was being at a Lacrosse Tournament this weekend. It made me yearn for the days of playing soccer all weekend long. The smell of the field after it rained. The gatorade and sliced oranges. I can close my eyes and be transported right back to the days of stinky shin guards and horrible tan lines. Why am I missing it? Because I haven’t taken the time to find a soccer league for adults here in Madison yet. I need to. I miss it, and I shouldn’t have to- all that joy soccer used to bring to my life, the thrill of the goal, the training, the love of the game- they’re all still there.  So my goal is to find a league I can get into. What joy have you lost since being a kid? What did you love that you’ve given up because you aren’t a kid anymore? Can’t play your sport? Volunteer for a team. Make time. Coach. Be part of it. Get your joy back.


Happiness is part of wellness. Go out and find it!!!

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