Workout Wednesday- Body Weight Only, Total Body Circuit

Please remember to email me if you need modifications or for a mere $5 I will be happy to make you a video you can keep forever 🙂

Inchworm: Stand feet hip width apart and parallel, take a deep breath and reach for the ceiling, exhale and fold forward reaching for your toes. Bend your knees enough to bring your hands to flat and walk your hands out to a plank position. Keeping your elbows tight to your rib cage, take one push up and walk your hands back to your feet. Come all the way to standing and repeat x10 (if you are more advanced, take two push ups at each walk out, need to modify, put your knees down for your push up)

Extended Down Dog Push Up: Come into a down dog position, tilt your finger tips toward each other slightly, extend one leg up to ceiling. Bend your elbows bringing the top of your head down toward your mat and extend. Repeat x10 with each leg extended.

Plie: Come to standing with your feet wider than  your hips and turned out to about a 45 degree angle (full turnout is not needed!) hands can be wherever you need them to be-even at a chair or countertop for balance. Take 20 plie’s at full range of motion, bring your hips to knee height (you should have a straight line from knee to ankle at your lowest point) hold the last one at your lowest point and pulse lower x10, hold low and press your knees back x15.

Down dog to plank kicks: Come back to your down dog position, extend your right leg to the ceiling, as you exhale, shift forward to your plank drawing your knee to your right elbow and then kick back to ceiling drawing your abs in tighter to help lift your hips. Repeat x10, then take another set taking your right knee to your left elbow threading under your body x10. Rest into childs pose and repeat on the opposite side.

Reverse lunge kick up to standing splits: (don’t worry, I don’t expect you to actually get into standing splits 🙂 you just want to get your back leg as high as you possibly can to engage more muscle groups) Come to standing with your feet hip width apart and parallel, step back into a runners lunge with your right leg, reach your hands in front of your left foot about 6 inches as you straigten your left leg and reach your right leg as high to ceiling as you can. Step right back into your runners lunge with your right leg. Repeat x15 on each side.

Table top Push Ups: Come to seated and take your hands behind your hips, your feet hip width apart and parallel. Lift your hips up as high to ceiling as you can. Bend your elbows to bring your hips back to hover over the floor and press back up x10, hold the last one as low as you can and take tiny pulses x10 (think little bend, little press, instead of full range of motion) then take x10 more full range of motion, end with x10 more tiny pulses.

Side plank hip lift: Come to a side plank on your elbow. Feet can be stacked or heel to toe. Lift your hip higher x20 repeat on the opposite side.

Single leg jack knife: lay flat on your back, arms overhead, or hands behind your head elbows wide to challenge. Take a deep breath and as you exhale come to seated bringing your right leg to your chest, slowly control back down.Alternate sides, focus on drawing your abs into your spine with every movement. Do them until you want to die….. just kidding, 60 seconds 🙂

Try to repeat the entire sequence, start to finish 3x through.

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