Chest Opener Series

Hi hi! I posted the video to insta and can always post again but my favorite series to open the rib cage is:

Childs Pose -walk hands to each side, push into the hip as you reach away.

Cat & Cow 3x each- wiggle and play to find the space you need.

Thread the needle- think about drawing your shoulder blades away from your spine as you twist.

Down Dog

Sphinx (with belly lift) use your cat/cow mentality but with your hips and legs staying on the floor. Your navel should lift away as you tuck your chin, pressing your spine up between your shoulder blades and then press the hips down as you lift your head back up.

Scorpion chest release- your leg becomes your scorpion tail, do this one once with the arms straight and once with elbows bent at 90 straight out from shoulder or slightly below.

Childs pose

Take your time, breathe deeply 3 times into each pose. Listen to your body and modify where you need!

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