About Me


My name is Irish Jewell. I currently live in Madison WI and have a dream of helping people be well from their living rooms. Or traveling, or anywhere! About 3 years ago I stopped believing the common workout motto’s that pain is gain, or pain is fear leaving the body. I was diagnosed with chronic pain disorder and I wanted to do anything I could to lessen my pain. Moving helps, posture control and awareness helps, and breathing helps. I am training for life, to be well and have less pain. I want to help you do the same. Even if you don’t have a pain disorder of any kind, my workouts will help you be well and can be part of your journey. Let me know your goals and I will help you reach them. I am building this so I can help in whatever way possible.

My tattoo says Hold On. It stands for HOPE. Hold on, Pain ends. It is a constant reminder for me to keep pushing forward for relief and that I am not alone.

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