Yoga for the kiddos

Need some rainy day fun? You don’t need a yoga mat or video- just take this list of poses and how to make them fun. Great for all ages- to connect with your child, to help them learn & be aware. If you are unsure of any poses because you are new to yoga, I recommend, it has each pose described & a picture.

Each pose is listed first, and followed by how to make it fun:

Tree- balance & sway your branches in the breeze

Down dog- bark like a dog

Up dog- howl at the moon

Child’s pose- go to sleep! Pretend to snore

Cat- draw spine up & meow!

Cow- drop belly/utters & moo!!

Tiger- reach out opposite arm & leg as you roar reaching for your prey

Pigeon- coo like a pigeon, see if your kiddo can roll their tongue

Butterfly- where will you fly to? Butterflies can fly a million miles!

Boat- hold & balance, imagine the waves

Seated forward fold- pretend you are an alligator chomping down as you touch your fingers to your toes

Turtle- roll into a ball on your back & imagine being stuck on your shell

Savasana- lay back, let palms face the ceiling, widen the mouth into a big yawn, quietly breathe and see if your kiddos have any stories to tell you 🙂