Barre arms

You have so many options when it comes to barre arms. Here are the main sticking points though. Keep your weights between 1 & 3 lbs. Tiny movements or long series are meant for tiny weights, save the bigger weights for the big movements and longer rest breaks. I’m demonstrating 3 different positions you can use so that you a. Up your calorie burn, b. Don’t get bored, c. Keep the whole body working.

Start with push ups.

5 slow with wide hands, knees on the floor is totally acceptable.

5 regular count with wide hands.

5 tight hand/Pilates position so that elbow scrape your ribs.

5 with hands in diamond.

I’m happy to pst another video a different day to demonstrate.


Knees should be fist distance apart and parallel. Toes can be curled under if it’s more comfortable to you. As you add in the lift and lower of the hips like I demo, you should be imagining your back sliding down a wall- your hips tuck under on the way down to keep them under your shoulders as best you can.

Parallel Chair:

Use the wall to slide yourself down so your hips are one inch above knee height, or as close as you can keep. Feet can be hip distance or zipped up. Heels high. Tuck your hips and press your low back into the wall.

Wide Second:

Walk your feet wider than your hips. Feet turned out toward 45 degrees (not a full turnout) so that heels are right under knees. Lower your hips down to knee height.

If one lower body option doesn’t work for you, try another. If you can do a little of each, do a little of each. If you can only do some arms with weights, do it. If you can’t do any? Focus on where the movement in coming from instead! Engage your body. Guess what? The push ups are just a suggestion. If they also don’t work for you- switch it up! These are options. Ways for you to play with your workouts. Want an exact workout to follow? Message me. I’ll make it happen. XO

Yoga for the kiddos

Need some rainy day fun? You don’t need a yoga mat or video- just take this list of poses and how to make them fun. Great for all ages- to connect with your child, to help them learn & be aware. If you are unsure of any poses because you are new to yoga, I recommend, it has each pose described & a picture.

Each pose is listed first, and followed by how to make it fun:

Tree- balance & sway your branches in the breeze

Down dog- bark like a dog

Up dog- howl at the moon

Child’s pose- go to sleep! Pretend to snore

Cat- draw spine up & meow!

Cow- drop belly/utters & moo!!

Tiger- reach out opposite arm & leg as you roar reaching for your prey

Pigeon- coo like a pigeon, see if your kiddo can roll their tongue

Butterfly- where will you fly to? Butterflies can fly a million miles!

Boat- hold & balance, imagine the waves

Seated forward fold- pretend you are an alligator chomping down as you touch your fingers to your toes

Turtle- roll into a ball on your back & imagine being stuck on your shell

Savasana- lay back, let palms face the ceiling, widen the mouth into a big yawn, quietly breathe and see if your kiddos have any stories to tell you 🙂