Strange beauty

Most people have beauty tricks. Some little quirk they love and believe in. Ive recently realized mine all revolve around healthy oils. Growing up, we always had apricot kernel oil in the house, my mom swore by it. To this day I love adding some to my moisturizer to make my skin glow. As I got older and started wearing waterproof mascara, I realized conventional methods of taking it off didn’t work. So my shower always holds a bottle of grape seed oil or olive oil- adds moisture and takes off even the best waterproof make up. I also found my sensitive legs only get a good shave if I used a sugar scrub instead of a shaving cream or soap. You can easily make your own, or I like to get mine down on state street. I also added an evening primrose supplement every other day to help keep my skin clear. My sister uses coconut oil on her tattoos instead of the recommended aquafor. Today I ordered avocado oil which I will mix with cinnamon & mustard seed as a scalp treatment.
What are your tricks? Do you use supplement to keep your skin healthy from the inside out??